Frequently Asked Questions


  • To find out which course is required, please refer to your organisation’s first aid needs assessment. You can see the content for our courses on the first aid course table.

More information on the Health and Safety Executive’s guidance, see here 

  • The paediatric course is focussed on first aid for infants and children. For this instance, infants are considered as 0 – 1 year, and children 1 – onset of puberty.
  • The use of Automated External Defibrillators for adults are taught and practised in both FAW and EFAW.

The use of AEDs for infants and children are taught and practised in both PFA and EPFA.


  • Anaphylaxis and practising the use of auto-injectors (including Epi-pens) is covered in FAW and PFA. We also run the 1-day Level 3 Immediate Management of Anaphylaxis course.
  • Regulated courses (such as FAW, EFAW, PFA and EPFA) have a maximum of 12 delegates. This allows practical time to be maximised and our instructor to be able to tailor the training to help you best learn. Awareness courses can have a larger number of delegates.
  • Our courses are as practical as possible, so please wear comfortable clothes. At times, you will kneeling and laying on the floor. Please bring a notepad/pen, lunch and water bottle (there may not be shops/cafes nearby). Hot drinks will be provided.
  • On regulated courses (e.g. FAW/EFAW and PFA/EPFA) you must kneel to demonstrate ‘real-life’ CPR. If this is not possible, please get in touch to discuss the options. During practice, we can amend the task to support your learning.
  • Regulated courses (e.g. FAW/EFAW and PFA/EPFA) last for 3 years. Other courses do not have an expiry although ongoing training and refreshers are recommended.
  • If you hold the FAW, you can complete a 2-day requalification course to recertify. If your expiry date has already passed, then you must retake the original course. All other regulated course are recertified by retaking the original course. More information can be found on the specific course information sheets.

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